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Would you like to go on a medical mission?

Health Professionals are needed in the following fields:

Primary Care, Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Nursing, OR Personnel, Optometry Rehabilitation, Community Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy; Medical Students, Natural Family Planning and Counseling.

We also need volunteers to serve as translators and anyone who can help with the many non-medical tasks needed at the mission site.

There is a fee for each mission which covers food, transportation, lodging and operational expenses. Participants pay their own airfare to and from the mission site.

HELPING HANDS Medical Missions, Inc. (HHMM) is an international program designed to provide medical treatment to the poor. As such, it involves a serious commitment from its volunteers to work under difficult and challenging conditions. Therefore, before you commit to volunteering for this project, we ask that you consider the following questions:

  • Am I ready to live in a place with only cold water in which to shower?
  • Can I sleep on the floor, in a sleeping bag, or on a mattress?
  • Am I ready for long days of hard work?
  • Am I committed to serving others and following a program that is pre-arranged for me?
  • Am I healthy enough to participate in a program that may be physically demanding?
  • Am I ready to merge into other cultures by being flexible and patient in dealing with unexpected inconveniences?
  • Am I willing to fundraise for my trip to help those less fortunate?
  • Can I be responsible for my own costs (mission fees and airfare)?
  • Can I be responsible for my own healthcare insurance?
  • Can I be responsible to have the required shots and immunizations before I leave for the mission?

In addition, if you have answered yes to these questions and are certain you are prepared to make a serious personal commitment, please fill out the below application, and read and sign the Volunteer Participant Agreement.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please click on the link below to contact us and we will send you information about volunteering for future Helping Hands Medical Missions.

HHMM Application

Upcoming Missions

Mexico, Chiapas   
March 9-17, 2018       

Mexico, Chiapas   
San Cristobal
June 1-9, 2018  

Africa, Ghana
June 15-24, 2018     

October 3-11, 2018-NEW                                           

El Salvador   
San Salvador
October 26-Nov. 3, 2018

El Salvador
Santiago Texacuangos
Nov. 2-10, 2018

Santo Tomas Milpas Altas
November 9-17, 2018 

February 14-23, 2019 

 El Salvador
March 15-23, 2019