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We invite you to join us in our mission to deliver compassionate healthcare and the Gospel to the most needy in the developing world.  The call to give unto the least of these is an invitation to be transformed into an instrument of His love.


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Who We Are

Since 1996, Helping Hands Medical Missions has served more than 241,000 patients and hosted 153 medical missions in many countries throughout the world, including Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Philippines, Brazil, Ghana, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Uganda


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Meet the Missionaries

The reason why I love doing service work is because of the fact that I know I have tried to improve this world. I can‘t cure cancer but I can put a smile on a face."



There is something so contagious about giving back to the community, but I am not here to blab about myself, I am here to send forth the message that great things are happening in this troubled world. Read more

Ana Caballero

Meet the Missionaries


It has truly been a life-changing experience for me... I always return from the missions with a renewed energy."

Michael Brezinsky, M.D.


My favorite memory while on a mission was in San Juan Sacatapequez, Guatemala in October 2007, I believe that God placed us there for a very specific reason. We were set up in a remote clinic in the hills... Read more

Michael Brezinsky, MD


Meet the Missionaries

I’ve become much more involved in caring for the whole person, and sometimes that means joining patients in their prayer lives,” he says. “I’ve learned that some patients are looking for that.”

Mark knows firsthand how mission work can inspire budding doctors and seasoned physicians alike. His children Anne, Peter, and Daniel have accompanied him to Cotija on trips that encouraged Knabel’s sons to study medicine. Anne and Daniel will join him again on this year's mission. Read more

Mark Knable, MD

HHMM Philippines 2019

HHMM Philippines 2019 Mission Video