Guatemala - Santa Maria de Jesus

Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala: This Mission Site is not Active

Mission Purpose – To bring compassionate care and the message of the Gospel to the people of Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala.

Mission History:  The first mission trip to this area was to San Juan Sacatepéquez in 2006, 2007 Santa Maria de Jesus in 2008-2016. In 2013 the mission was in Ciudad Vieja in Santo Tomas Milpas Altas in 2017 and back to SMJ in 2018.  To date, HHMM has conducted 15 missions to this region of the world. More than 340 missionaries have attended to the needs of over 25,400 patients. Over 60 surgeries have been performed and over 2,340 dental patients have been served.

The overall impact has been positive, we have been able to develop good relationships with many people in the region. Four members of St. Mary Catholic Church in Bridgeport Connecticut coordinate a project that provides water filters to the people of the region which results in cleaner water for many of the residents of Santa María de Jesús. Our future plans include continuing to work in Santo Tomas Milpas Altas. Our team has been well received by the communities in need. We have the support of the local Catholic Church, and the Health Ministry continues to grant us the necessary permits.

Local Needs – The mission setting is both Urban and rural. Local maladies include: Hypertension, diabetes, respiratory and gastric infections, skin diseases, etc.

Vaccinations: Find information here.

Additional Services: Helping Hands Missionaries have teamed up with international and local water filtration companies to offer the people of the region cleaner drinking water thus helping with the Providing prevention of gastrointestinal infections.

Non-Surgical: This is not a surgical mission.

Types of specialties needed for this mission:

  • Family Medicine Providers (Physicians, Physician Assistants (PA's), Nurse Practitioners (NP’s)
  • Dentistry: Dentists and Dental Hygienists
  • Optometrists
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy Techs
  • Nursing: RN’s and LVN’s
  • Physical Therapist and Chiropractor
  • Counseling
  • Natural Family Planning Instructors 
  • Non-medical volunteers
  • Spanish Translators